About Social Wage

What is social wage?

What is Social Wage?

Do you own a popular social media page? Social Wage is an influencer advertising agency that works with social influencers, providing them with outstanding promotional tasks from quality brands. We pay every influencer an agreed fee for each personalized task.

We may ask you to create content such as a photo or video, or we may simply send you organic content to post. No more worries about going back and forth with brands again!

Who can apply?

Who can apply today?

We assess each application to Social Wage carefully, and consider a number of factors ranging from the number of followers, to the level of engagement. Each case is different, depending on the social media account, platform and industry however.

We take influencers from 10 different social media platforms and accept applications from around the world, usually from influencers with at least 3,000 followers.

How it works?

How does it work?

Once your application has been accepted and we verify that you own the social media accounts in your application, you will be ready to start earning. We will notify you via text and send you an email with a brief attached when we have an opportunity for you.

The brief we send you will often be short to give you the freedom to choose the way the content looks. We will pay you shortly after the task has been completed.

Meet our influencer relations team

The social wage team

The Social Wage story

Our timeline.Our timeline.

How did it all begin?

Chris Wilson (co-founder) began as a football membership website owner and social media influencer. He owned multiple popular football Twitter accounts. To boost his income from his football business, he regularly purchased sponsored posts from other football social media influencers that had strong followings. Likewise, football companies often approached him to purchase sponsored posts on his social media accounts and this became a substantial part of his revenue.

The eureka moment!

Chris has first-hand experience of the time, effort and commitment required to build up a strong social media page. He recognized that every influencer could be rewarded for their hard work, and went onto develop Social Wage with Rohan Midha. They understand that social media influencers want to deal with quality brands, and post organic content that fits in with their page. So this is how the Social Wage story began! Get signed up and start earning here.

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If you have any questions please see our FAQ's here or drop us a message here.