Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Social Wage?

Social Wage is an influencer advertising agency that provides outstanding promotional tasks from quality brands, personalized for each social media influencer. We pay an agreed fee to our influencers for each promotional task.

Will content you ask me to post look like the rest of the content on my page?

We may ask you to create content such as a photo or video, or we may simply send you content to post. We will always do our best to ensure this content is organic and fits in with the rest of your page! The brief we send you will often be short to give you the freedom to choose the way the content looks.

I am already sponsored by a company and won't be able to promote certain products/services. Should I still join Social Wage as an influencer?

Yes! We will always work with you to make sure that you don't compromise the terms of your sponsorship deals. We will never offer you promotional tasks that you don't want or can't take up.

Do you require a preview of my work before posting it to my account?

Probably not! This saves everyone time so we will very rarely require you to submit content to us before it goes out. We want to give you the freedom to create your content in the way that you want, and in the same style that made you successful in the first place! By posting content that fits in with your page, the authenticity is not lost. Also, we only work with high quality influencers so we trust that the content you post will be great.

How simple is the process of completing a promotional task?

Very!! We will notify you via text and send you an email with a brief attached when we have a promotional task for you. The brief we send you will often be short to give you the freedom to choose the way the content looks. We will pay you shortly after the task has been completed. We normally don't even require you to submit content to us before posting it!

What social media platforms do you allow accounts from?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Blogs, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Google +

Why do you require that I verify the social media account that I applied with?

We need to ensure that you own the account that you apply with before discussing earning fees or providing you with promotional tasks. There are different ways in which you can do this and we will give you the options after you have applied. They are all easy.

I don't want to participate in a promotional task you have provided me. What happens?

No worries, just let us know. We will take a note of this and won't provide you with similar promotional tasks in future.

Will the promotional posts that you create for me be automatically posted onto my social media page?

We currently only offer automatic posting on Twitter. We will open this out to other platforms soon. You will be notified by text message and email when we have created promotional content for your page, and you will have the option to easily decline any content that you don't want on your page. By linking your account with us, you can sit back and watch the money roll in, without having to do a thing.

Can I carry out personal promotional business using Social Wage?

Yes! We have dedicated a section of your dashboard for private deals so you can quickly and easily carry out your own private business whist being protected by our terms and conditions. Not only that, but we eliminate your PayPal fees! This section of your dashboard will be launching soon.

Can I delete the social media posts after I complete the promotional task?

We encourage you not to delete promotional social media posts that you get from Social Wage. If the posts that we send you are deleted within 24 hours, you may not be paid for this advertisement.

How much will I get paid to advertise on my social media page?

On joining Social Wage, we agree an earning fee with you that takes into account single and multiple post pricing. You can provide us with any pricing information that you already have in your application to Social Wage.

What payment method do you use?

We prefer to pay you via PayPal, but you can arrange another payment method with us if preferred.

When will I get paid?

You will be paid shortly after you have completed the promotional task.

Who will I be advertising on my social media page?

We only deal with quality brands at Social Wage. We have a wide range of contacts that stretch across many industries. It is likely that promotional posts will be from companies within your industry. These posts can be from Fortune 1000 companies to smaller brands from around the world. For example, if your account is based around fitness, a promotional task that we offer you may be from a gym brand.

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